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Plasson Compression Fittings

Here at Total Pipeline Systems, we have a wide range of Plasson compression fittings to assist you with your water management projects. Various products in this range have a multitude of selections including items such as couplers, end plugs, adaptors, tees, offtakes, elbows, and many others. All our products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand long-term use.

We provide a selection of water pipe fittings such as our choices of couplers. These are available from low prices, so you needn’t worry about receiving the best value for money! You have the choice of the standard Plasson coupler, repair coupler, reducing coupler, Plass4 universal coupler, and the PE to copper coupler. Most Plasson compression fittings are available in various sizes to suit the requirements of specific applications.

Total Pipes is home to a wide range of adaptors, the adaptors are one of the Plasson compression fittings that we supply for water management projects. If you’re looking for the Plasson threaded male and female adaptor, flange adaptor, spigot flange adaptor, or other fine adaptors, simply click on the items to view the selection options. When you are happy with your choice, add the items to your shopping cart, it’s that simple.

Affordable tee and offtake options are provided to complete your Plasson compression fittings. We sell a unique selection of tees such as the 90-degree equal tee, repair tee, a reducing and enlarging tee, tees with male and female BSP offtake, and even a 45-degree tee. For more unique items, check out our Y-fittings and cross offtake.

Similarly, our selection of elbows will surely be useful for your water pipe fittings. We have the Plasson 90-degree elbow, reducing elbow, 45-degree elbow, a spigot elbow, as well as elbows with male and female offtake choices.

If you are working with barrier pipe, we also have items such as the Plasson PlasShield conversion kit, and protective tape for use with our PlasShield items. We strive for the very best to provide you with Plasson compression fittings and other parts.

At Total Pipeline Systems, we have no order charges for any of our products, making it a whole lot easier for you. As soon as you have made a purchase, your order will immediately be processed. We always work with our customers to ensure that tight deadlines are met. As always, we provide free delivery on all orders over £300.

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