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Plasson Plass4 Universal Coupler 77017

Plasson Plass4 Universal Coupler 77017

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Plass4 is a universal pipe fitting which connects metric polyethylene to a wide range of pipe types: including imperial polyethylene (alkathene), copper (table X & Y), lead, galvanised steel, PVCu and poly-york.

Plass4 is easy to use with no specialist tools needed to complete the joint.

The Plass4 fitting is made from virgin polypropylene which makes it extremely strong and long-lasting.  Plass4 fittings have a design life of 50 years, the same as standard Plasson fittings.  Because the Plass4 is so versatile, only a few fitting sizes are needed to cover all pipes from 15mm to 50mm.

  • Available for connections starting at 15mm up to 50mm diameter
  • WRAS approved
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