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PP Threaded Pipe Fittings

The plastic BSP threaded pipe fittings that Total Pipeline Systems provide come in a wide range of products to choose from. We provide Plasson threaded sockets, threaded reducing sockets, threaded caps and nipples, plugs, elbows, various connectors and much more. To view an item’s purchase options, select the item where you will be brought to the item's unique page.

As our company continually focuses on excellent products and customer service, we make a point to include unique selling points that competing companies aren't able to provide. We never charge our customers extra for minimum orders and we always provide free product delivery on all items including threaded pipe fittings free of charge if your total purchase is over £300.

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At affordable prices we sell the Plasson threaded socket with seven unique size options as well as the Plasson threaded reducing socket which measures ¾ inch by ½ inch. The Plasson reducing bush comes in many different variants and prices will depend on the size of the model you need. There is also the Plasson threaded caps with six different BSP sizes and the Plasson threaded plug in seven different options to complete your threaded pipe fittings.

On this page you'll also be able to choose between the Plasson threaded nipples and the Plasson threaded reducing nipple with fifteen different size options. If you require a threaded tee, we also have them from ½ inch to 2 inch sizes. Threaded pipe fittings are also available in a 90 degree threaded elbow in six variants, as well as the male and female threaded elbow available in 3 types to complete your water-based projects.

Both the Plasson threaded PP tank connector and Plasson PVC tank connector are in ready inventory at the best prices you're likely to find. If that is not enough, we provide the excellent Plasson threaded riser in seven sizes, Plasson male hose adaptor in four different BSP ratings, and the Plasson female hose adaptor in two sizes of ¾ inch by 16mm NB and 1 inch by 20mm NB. Don’t exclude the standard PTFE tape to complete and install your threaded pipe fittings.

Total Pipeline Systems is your leading supplier in threaded pipe fittings and other types of products for your pipe system. Our company is responsive to tight deadlines and typically dispatches products on the day an order is placed.