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Universal Waste Pipe Fittings

Ever had a hard time looking for pipe fittings that just did not fit your current pipes? Look no further as our universal waste pipe fittings will deal with most setups that need adjustments without any hassle. Our pipe fittings are universally ‘plug-and-play’, meaning no difficult steps or requirements are needed to adjust the product to any utility.

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With a beautifully coloured and designed product, the universal waste pipe fitting is applicable in various utilities found anywhere that requires waste management. A safety ring lock is provided on both sides of the unit to ensure the product is secured and fastened. No difficult manoeuvring is necessary to utilise this product, as you only need to turn the locks to put the item in place.

These universal waste pipe fittings come in two sizes: 32mm and 40mm respectively. In addition, different bends and variants are available in straight, 90-degree elbow, 90-degree elbow swept tree, and 135-degree elbow.

Did you find that a standard 40mm diameter provides too much flow pressure? That issue can be addressed with our 40mm x 32mm reducer, which will fit and solve your special waste pipe needs in our universal waste pipe fittings category. Our prices are far more affordable than most other pipe fittings offered by other companies. Don’t believe us? Have a look around and you will see that we provide affordable pipe fittings for every situation.

Total Pipeline Systems is pleased to fill orders as small as a single universal waste pipe fitting without any surcharge; or we can assemble much larger and more complicated orders; either way, our prices remain the same in small and large quantities. However, we provide free delivery of our universal waste pipe fittings if your purchase exceeds £300. The same policy applies to all of our other items available in our extensive product range.
Do you need your universal waste pipe fittings or other products delivered quickly? As soon as you process your purchase, TPS will aim to dispatch your product on the very same day of purchase. To make a purchase, simply add the item to your cart and carry on to the checkout section whenever you're ready, where we can begin processing your order right away.

If you need to find other waste management parts and extensive services besides universal waste pipe fittings, visit our main page and browse through the categories available. We are committed to serving you with the very best of products.