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Gas Valves

Total Pipeline Systems provides a range of high-performance gas valves for accurate and controlled gas flow in your piping projects. With our fine selection of valves available, you can rest easy that safety is provided by using the best products on the market. Purchase your gas valves today and our company will provide you free delivery on any orders exceeding £300. Even if you purchase only one item, and Total Pipeline Systems will never charge you extra for only buying in single amounts.

The Aeon gas gate valve is manufactured to GIS/V7 for use in gas flow systems. No matter how simple or complex your gas systems are, this gas valve will ensure that, when installed correctly, your gas does not leak and will increase the safety factor of your projects. Supplied in Yellow, the Aeon gas gate valve comes in four different valve flange sizes of DN50, DN80, DN100, and DN150. Prices vary depending on what valve size you choose.

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We also offer the Donkin Certus PE ball valve. These valves are suitable for smaller diameter pipe when you need to electrofuse the gas valves directly. The Donkin Certus Gas isolation valve is designed for the isolation of gas service to both domestic and commercial premises. The valve is a clear bore PE100 ball valve designed, manufactured and approved to gas industry standard GIS/V7 Part 2 and EN1555-4. Available to purchase in 3 diameters, 32mm, 63mm and 90mm.

The Aeon gas gate valve handwheel is available to fit the Aeon gas gate valve. This tough handwheel makes it easy for anyone to operate gas valves that require handwheels as opposed to a cap top. This item can be purchased separately but users will have to specify what size of gas valve they are using. At an extremely affordable price, the Aeon gas gate valve handwheel provides easy operation and better gas control.

To make a purchase of an item, click on the desired item to view any extra options available. When you are happy with your choice, add the item to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout area where we will aim to instantly ship your gas valves after you have completed your purchase payment. Total Pipeline Systems can also provide same-day services depending on the location and requirement of each customer’s demands. We will always be more than happy to work with orders made under tight deadlines. Have a look at the main page to view our other products and services.