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Water Pipe Tools & Accessories

Our fine selection of water pipe tools and accessories come in several variants depending on your needs. You'll want to familiarise yourself with our wide range of line of pipes and equipment so that you can have the best possible experience with your water-based projects.

A wide choice of tape selection can be found in this section of water pipe accessories. We have a non-detectable marker tape with a total length of 365 metres, sold in many different types, depending on whether you need it for your water, gas, fire or other systems. Our non-detectable marker tapes make organisation easier for anybody working with maintenance, and marks the position of buried utilities. In addition, these tapes have high resistance to ground acid and alkalis and are made from 100% virgin grade polyethylene.
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Similar options go for our detectable marker tapes which come at 100-metre lengths to assist in detection of buried pipes and services. Click on an item to view its various purchase options.

As for our options of hand-held water pipe tools, our comprehensive catalogue features essential tools such as the 2.5 inch hand scraper, Plasson chamfer tool, pipe shears, pipe squeeze tool, Plasson water valve key and operating key for EF ball valves, various wrenches, and tapper assembly tool. We only provide the best quality tools to ensure that each one has a very long life. Several of these items come with size options, so don’t forget to view an item’s description before you make a purchase.

To further provide you with quality water pipe accessories, we recommend purchasing electrofusion welding wipes to make sure that your welding process runs smoothly before installation by cleaning all surfaces of pipes and ridding them of dirt. We also provide the Plasson F80 Silicone grease lubricant to make your pipe installations and dismantling processes easier; Plasson hand wipes for increased hygiene in the work area; Plasson hand cleaner to clear your hands of dirty grease and dirt; as well as smaller accessories such as a metric pipe clip and a handy marker pen.

Make your purchase today and Total Pipeline Systems will immediately send your items over as soon as a purchase has been completed. As a reminder, we also provide free delivery on any items purchased above £300. Besides water pipe accessories and tools, TPS provides a wide range of other products and services. We will cater to any customer’s demand for tight deadlines, feel free to contact our dedicated sales team if you require any more information or technical support.