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Flange Adaptors and Couplings

In our flange adaptors and universal coupling category, you will find four items available for purchase such as the universal coupling, universal flange adaptor, “smartjoint” end restraint flange adaptor, and the “smartjoint” end restraint coupling to supply your water management projects.

With excellent build quality and price range depending on each item’s specifications, our adaptors and couplings have a wide range of options available for purchase. Click on an item to view its options and pricing, as they will change with the different sizes we provide. When you feel that you have the right item, just add it to your shopping cart. All our products are delivered as soon as they have been purchased. Our customers never have to wait for a long time for their flange adaptors or couplings to reach their hands, as is with the rest of our products and services.
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Our universal couplings come in ten possible specifications. They are mostly ideal for use on ductile iron, steel, uPVC, UI, AC, and GRP pipes. The same applies for the universal flange adaptors that we provide. Buy your flange adaptors and couplings today and we will gladly provide free delivery on all orders over £300. You can purchase our units in minimal amounts and we will never charge you extra for small quantity orders.

In the “smartjoint” end restraint flange adaptor category, you will find that we provide thirteen different flange adaptor sizes. Our universal coupling on the other hand has fourteen different coupler size options. Each unique size has different prices for both categories. Both our universally fitting “smartjoint” end restraint flange adaptor and coupling provides full end restraint on ductile iron, cast iron, steel, MoPVC, as well as PE pipes. The standard 30mm tolerance ensures easy fit of the parts. Using any of the “smartjoint” products can assist you in the easy joining of pipes, reduce the necessary installation time as well as the number of fittings required, and also reduce or eliminate the need for concrete thrust blocks and tie bar assemblies.

In addition to our range of flange adaptors and couplings, we also provide an extensive range of products and services available from our main page. Total Pipeline Systems will always meet your demand of working with a tight deadline and we offer same-day services depending on the location and requirement of our customers' enquiries.