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Gas Pipe Compression Fittings

Total Pipeline Systems’ choices of gas compression fittings come in a range of seven unique gas pipe fittings to work with your gas systems. For more information about a product, click on an item to view its description and possible options for size. Once you have made the right purchase, add the item to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout area. We process orders very quickly and in most cases your items will be shipped on the same day of purchase. For any item purchases above £300, our company will happily deliver your items without any shipping charge. We provide the best products and services for our customers, every time.

The Philimac compression coupler for gas comes in four options for diameter: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, and 63mm. Similarly, we provide the Philimac compression 90-degree elbow with the same four size options starting at the lowest prices. Other gas fittings include the small Philimac compression end cap with the standard four size options for purchase.

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Our line of gas compression fittings continues with the Philimac compression reducer available in three different reducer sizes of 25mm x 20mm, 32mm x 25mm, and the larger 63mm x 32mm sized reducer. Don’t forget the inclusion of the Philimac compression equal tee, also with four diameter options.

For connections onto a BSP thread, we provide gas pipe fittings like the Primofit mechanical male and female adaptor for gas fittings. These two tough components are built to last and come in available threaded adaptor sizes of 25mm x ¾ inch, 32mm x 1 inch, and 63mm x 2 inches. Purchase your gas compression fittings today and we will never charge you extra even on minimal purchases of a single item.

You will never suffer any frustrating gas pipe installations with any of our gas pipe fittings available for purchase. We simply provide the most affordable and well-made gas fittings to suit your gas management projects.

Total Pipeline Systems provides the best customer service and satisfaction by being flexible with our customers’ requirements. We will follow strict deadline routines requested by our customers and we may be able to offer a same-day service depending on the location and requirements of your order. Browse through the rest of our catalogue to view our other products and services besides gas pipe fittings.