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Universal Sink and Bath Waste Traps

How many of us have dropped our necklace, ring, spoon, or other small items in our drain pipes only to find them lost forever? All too many times our careless behaviour gets the better of us. Now with the advent of our various types of waste traps, we don’t have to bear any feelings of regret anymore.

With attractive designs and uniquely shaped curves, our sink waste trap, bath waste trap, and other appliance traps provide the ultimate security to ensure that no weighted solid object(s) will go missing or block internal waste pipes. A variety of waste traps are available for purchase and as always, constructed from the finest materials at the most affordable prices.

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Our waste traps come in a range of sizes and diameters to suit your waste management needs. Various P and S traps are available in 32mm and 40mm diameter including their respective seal traps of 38mm and 76mm.

We also provide bath waste traps in two categories: shallow and 40mm low line bath traps. For our bottle traps, we supply the standard 38mm sealed models, as well as our telescopic anti-syphon bottle trap.

For other waste trap appliances, 40mm running traps with both 38mm and 76mm seals are readily available -- as are a 32mm pedestal trap, a 40mm washing machine up-stand trap, 40mm appliance trap with a double inlet 76mm seal, and finally an appliance half trap with a 76mm seal.

Order your waste traps now and they will be sent out to your location as soon as you make your purchase. If your combined purchases add up to more than £300, Total Pipeline Systems will deliver your product(s) free of charge. Simply add your purchase to your shopping cart and continue to the checkout area so we can immediately process your product delivery.

We will immediately cater to your order and can follow strict deadlines on delivery. Total Pipeline Systems also offers same-day services depending on the order requirement and location.

Besides our wide range of waste trap products, we also provide products and services in demand to your waste management needs. Don’t forget to browse through our main page to view what other services we provide in pipe fittings, waste management, accessories, and many other areas.