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Square Guttering and Fittings

If half round guttering seems too old fashioned to you, try our square guttering system for a more modern look and feel for your waste management projects. Our attractive range of square gutters and accessories comes with the most affordable prices and are constructed from the finest quality materials.

We provide square gutters, gutter angles, external and internal stop ends, as well as various brackets and outlets. Taking a look at our squareline guttering, it comes with dimensions of 114mm by 4 metres and comes in three different colour choices of black, white, and brown.

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The gutter angles come in two forms. You can choose from 114mm x 90 degree or 135 degree angles. Our internal and external stop ends come with the same colour options as our squareline guttering system. The same applies for our fascia and union brackets – all with affordable prices.

Not to be overlooked, our outlet comes in two forms. There is the 114mm running outlet to 65mm as well as the 114mm stop end outlet to 65mm to suit your drainage needs. Each component has a long life and will withstand a beating under any condition.

Order your square guttering systems now and get free delivery for any purchase over £300. Total Pipeline Systems does not have minimum order charges for any of our products. Even if you order minimal quantity of a product, the product price remains the same.

When you have made a choice from our square guttering product line, add the item to your shopping cart. After you have continued to the checkout area, we will immediately process your order on the very same day. There is no need for a long wait for your product’s arrival as Total Pipeline Systems always aims to deliver as soon as a purchase is made.

In addition to square guttering products, we also provide an extensive range of products and services which can be seen from our main page. Have a look around our inventory to see what other areas of services we provide – from pipes and fittings to ducting and drainage, rainwater systems, accessories, and many others. TPS: Your source for dependable drainage and waste management needs.