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Electrofusion Gas Fittings

Electrofusion remains one of the most effective ways to join two gas pipes (or any pipes for that matter). With modern day specifications, you can never go wrong with yellow electrofusion gas fittings to assist you in your gas pipe installations or modifications. Fortunately, Total Pipeline Systems provides you with a wide selection of yellow electrofusion gas fittings to support your needs.

At affordable prices, our yellow electrofusion gas fittings come in many variants and diameters. Select from our list of products and click on an item to view its description and options. If you need an electrofusion coupler, we provide a standard and attractive model which starts at 20mm diameter and goes up to 315mm. Each type has its own different price.

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Furthermore, we also have an electrofusion reducer with ten size options and electrofusion end caps in seven unique sizes. For junctions and bends in electrofusion gas fittings we recommend the electrofusion equal tee in various sizes, the 90-degree electrofusion elbow also in seven sizes, as well as the 45-degree electrofusion elbow which is made available in four sizes.
For connections onto existing pipes using electrofusion gas fittings we would recommend our electrofusion tapping tee. The tapping tee has seven options of size with a 32mm outlet. For larger sizes, we supply the larger 63mm outlet electrofusion tapping tee, also in various sized options.

In our range of yellow electrofusion gas fittings, we provide our customers with an electrofusion stub flange kit for gas use onto an NP16 flange. The stub kits come with 63mm x DN50, 90mm x DN80, 125mm x DN100, and the extra-large 180mm x DN150. Purchase your electrofusion gas fittings today by adding the desired items into your shopping cart. Proceed to the checkout area where we aim to have your items will be delivered to you shortly after completing the payment process.

As Total Pipeline Systems always aims for the best possible customer service and provides our loyal customers with top-of-the-line products, any purchase of yellow electrofusion gas fittings or any of our other products totalling £300 or more will be delivered free of charge. There is no minimum amount to order; we will never levy a surcharge on small purchases even if you require just one specific part from our line of yellow electrofusion gas fittings or other products we provide.

Our company can cater to your needs of tight deadlines and we offer same-day services depending on the requirement and location of our customer’s request. Take a look at our other products and services through the main page.