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Toilet Pan Connectors

Our products and services would not be complete without the addition of toilet pan connectors. We provide a unique set of pan connectors in different shapes and sizes suitable for all kinds of lavatories.

All of our toilet pan connectors are constructed from high-quality materials with excellent durability and an attractive appearance. Uniquely-styled shapes are available such as straight, bent, and swan neck pan connectors. All connectors come with a diameter of 100mm, but we also provide a one-of-a-kind bent pan connector with a smaller 32mm inlet.
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We even have a flexible wc pan connector to ensure that the connectors can be utilised at the desired angle(s). And if you find that your existing toilet pan connector is too short, fear not. Pan connector extensions are readily available from our store and will solve your problem instantly, as we are typically able to ship our products out on the very same day of your purchase. As a general rule for all our products, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver within a restricted time frame to comply with your needs. Order today and your product(s) will be delivered right to your door.

All our wc pan connectors are in stock at prices which are extremely affordable, and offer excellent and long-lasting functionality. As part of our customer-centred philosophy, Total Pipeline Systems does not include any further charge for small orders of any products that we supply. Whether you only order one unit or a hundred, our shipping team will make it a priority to send your order out as quickly as possible.

There's no need to drive around anymore to find other products and services when TPS provides instant delivery to your doorstep. If you need toilet pan connectors right away, look no further and we’ll gladly comply.

Any single purchases of our products over £300 will be entitled to free delivery. Don’t forget to browse through our other products and services in our main page to complete your waste management needs. When you feel that you have made the right purchase, add the items you desire to your cart and follow the next step to the checkout area to immediately begin processing your order.

Don’t just stop at our toilet pan connectors, but take a look around our website to browse our other products and services such as specific pipe fittings, drainage utilities, water and land services, and many others -- all featuring the same high TPS quality.