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Ducting Coils and Blue Drawcord

Searching for ducting coils? Be sure to check out our range, here at Total Pipeline Systems. We are a leading UK supplier of this tough and expertly constructed component and have a range of different types and sizes to choose from. Why not take a look and find the perfect ducting for your requirements today?

From electricity to telecommunications, almost every building requires utilities that rely on pipes and cables. Now, for many homeowners, builders, and utility workers, finding an appropriate route for the cable to enter the premises is easier said than done. The same goes for sourcing a safe and convenient location for water and gas pipes. But that’s where pipe ducting comes in extremely useful.

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When pipes or cables are buried underground, they should be encased in a duct. The purpose of this is to not only protect them against damage, due to earth settlement but to also alert contractors and property owners to their presence. By law, underground ducting must be colour-coded to comply with stringent safety and building regulations. Pipe ducting also serves as a warning sign, so if you accidentally hit or interfere with blue water pipe ducting, for instance, you can act accordingly.

Here at TPS, we supply a choice of ducting coils, including:

  • Perforated gas ducts
  • Smooth wall ducts
  • Twinwall ducts

Our yellow perforated gas pipe ducting is available in 50mtr twinwall coils and has a diameter of 37/32mm. It carries the BS 4963 kitemark, complies with TRANSCO specification, and is supplied with a coupling.

Twinwall 63/50mm water pipe ducting is a type of HDPE coiled ducting that protects smaller service pipes. It’s available in 50mtr coils and supplied with a pre-installed drawcord that allows the installer to easily pull through a 6mm draw rope and subsequent pipes. Like the gas pipe ducting, this too is supplied complete with a coupler and can be purchased for an affordable price.

Aside from pipe ducting, TPS also provided the 6mm blue drawcord – used for all aspects of pulling cables through ducting, both above and below ground. It’s able to float and resists chemicals, rot and mildew. Perfect for the telecommunications industry, as well as construction, leisure, agricultural and transport, the blue drawcord is supplied on a wooden drum or reel for easy dispensing.

So, once you’ve found the ducting coils or drawcord you need, simply add them to your online cart and proceed to checkout. At TPS, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and rapid turnaround times. We do everything we can to process orders on the same day they are received. As well as this, we offer no minimum order requirements and when you spend more than £300, delivery is free of charge.

If you would like to know more about the other products within our expansive inventory, please get in touch. Either call 01254 382 000 or email