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A guide to Channel Drainage Installation

Are you looking to update your channel drains in time for the summer? Total Pipeline Systemscan guide and advise you - making sure your channel drainage system is safe and efficient.

When installed correctly, a channel drain - or linear drain - offers a simple drainage solution for tarmacked, paved and concreted surfaces.

The way channel drainage works are straightforward. Water is drained along the entire length inside an enclosed channel which has grating over the top. It removes surface water and controls the flow to reduce stress on the system, ultimately preventing flooding and overspill.

Where to use a channel drain

Channel drains are suitable for many different domestic and commercial environments. They can be used on:

  • Driveways
  • Pavements 
  • Patios and Conservatories 
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Sports Areas
  • Railway Platforms 
  • Car Parks 
  • Garden & Water Features

Components of channel drains

Here at Total Pipes, we supply a wide range of drainage channels and accessories which are manufactured from the highest quality materials. These include:

Channel drains – The drain carries water away from the area. There is a slot at one end and a grove at the other, making it easy to lock the channel drain lengths together.

End outlets – The end outlet connects the channel drain to a standard 110mm drain pipe.

PVC or galvanised grating – Sitting flush to the ground, the grating allows water to flow freely through channels and into the drainage section below.

End cap – The end cap enables you to securely seal the highest end of the channel.

Channel outlets – The circular base outlets connect the channel drain into the 110mm drain pipe, and then into the ground.

Quad box – The quad box is an easy corner or T-junction connector. It joins 4 standard sections at 90°.

Sump unit – The sump unit is an optional component. It has a silt basket and integral water trap which eliminates odours.

All our channel drain accessories are designed to fit to channel drains, requiring no special tools or skills to install.

Purchasing options

Our channel drains are available in 1m lengths as standard and accessories are sold separately.

To help you choose the right channel drain for your drainage application, we supply top quality materials which prevent breakage before, during and after installation.

Our products are available in black HDPE and galvanised steel. The HDPE drainage products come at an affordable price and are lightweight which makes them easy to install, however, the galvanised steel grating is only a few pounds more but offers a sophisticated, solid look.

Installation process

It’s important that you get the installation of drainage channels right, which is why we have broken the process down into 10 steps.

  1. Dig the trench deep enough for 50mm of sand at the base and wide enough for 100mm backfill of concrete on both sides.

  2. Indicate the finishing height of the grate by attaching a string line no more than 2mm lower than the finished surface level.

  3. Allow 5mm for every 1m channel drain section.

  4. Start at the lowest point - where your section meets the water drain.

  5. Connect the next length using the slot and grooves.
  6. The last drain length can be cut to size using a hacksaw to ensure it fits neatly.

  7. Seal the grooves on each section with silicone sealant for long term performance.

  8. Attach the sections to the 110mm underground drainage pipe with an end cap to allow the collected water to drain.

  9. Protect the grate with tape before pouring concrete 2mm above.

  10. Leave to dry for 72 hours before walking over it or crossing it with vehicles

Here at Total Pipes, we provide all our customers with a first class service, offering exceptional products, technical support and rapid delivery. We also offer free delivery for combined orders over £300 - saving you money and exceeding your expectations.

If you need to know more about our superb range of drainage channels, or guidance for how to install them, be sure to contact us on 01254 382 000 today.