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Updating your channel drainage

Are you looking to update your channel drainage system in time for the upcoming summer? Let Total Pipeline Systems help you.

Channel drainage is used to remove surface water from an area and is typically installed on driveways, patios or gardens. It sits flat with tarmac or concrete paving - allowing you to walk or drive over it.

Whether you’re looking to prevent blocked drains, eliminate ponding or deal with heavy surface run-off and flash floods, it’s easier if you plan your project in plenty of time and choose the right products for your drainage needs.

It also pays if you purchase products from a reputable supplier, like us at Total Pipes. We don’t cut corners. We offer high-quality products for affordable prices.

When updating your drainage system, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate channel drainage products and accessories.

We supply:

1. Channel drains

Here at Total Pipes, we provide a wide range of products which are manufactured to meet industry standards, including the A15 channel drains.

Channel drains are available to purchase in HDPE or galvanised, suiting your budget and style requirements. They’re supplied in 1mtr lengths and priced suitably for all customers.

2. Quad boxes

A quad box is essential for channel drainage. It’s manufactured to be lightweight and allows you to connect junctions and corners.

To supplement your channel drains, we supply the HDPE quad boxes and galvanised quad boxes - both of which are made to last and improve functionality.

3. Channel end/outlet caps

At Total Pipes, we are confident you’ll find everything you need to update your channel drainage. We even stock channel end and outlet caps which are designed to fit 110mm drainage pipes perfectly.

The outlet cap and end cap are designed to match the rest of our HDPE channel drainage collection, making it easier for you to update your channel drains.

4. Sump units

Sump units are used to collect and filter leaves, debris and odours. The sump units with HDPE grating come at an affordable price, but for a more sophisticated look and only a few pounds more, why not choose a sump unit with galvanised grating?

No matter which sump unit you choose, it will need emptying when it’s full to allow your drains to function efficiently.

Why choose Total Pipes?

Total Pipes guarantee a first class service for everyone, so when it comes to updating your channel drainage, you’re in capable hands. All our products are easy to install and you don’t require special skills or tools - saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Total Pipes can offer same day services (depending on location and requirements) to meet and exceed expectations and tight deadlines.

We are always on hand to help, so if you’re unsure which products you need, be sure to get in touch with us and we will guide and advise you in selecting the most suitable products. What’s more, we also provide free UK delivery on combined orders of £300 or more, meaning you can order everything you need to update your channel drainage at once.

Need to know more? Call us on 01254 382 000 or email us at today.