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Selecting the right Channel Drainage

Wondering which channel drain is best? With so many options to choose from, it’s no surprise you find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting channel drainage but Total Pipes can help.

Choosing the wrong channel drains will result in problems further down the line, showing just how important it is to select the right one first time.

Consider the following factors to ensure you choose the right one:

1. Weight class

Channel drainage systems each have a unique weight class. To decide which one you need, think about how much weight the drain will be supporting (maximum weight load).

Where driveways tend to benefit from lightweight drainage systems, there is nothing stopping you from using a heavy duty drain which is best suited to high traffic environments and can support the weight of heavy lorries and vehicles.

We supply the A15 channel drains, here at Total Pipes, which have a maximum weight load of 1.5 tonnes. Our light duty drainage channels are perfect for:

  • Driveways
  • Gardens
  • Landscaping projects
  • Patios

Drainage channels with the rating of C250 are generally best for areas of low traffic and can hold up to 25 tonnes, making them ideal for roads and small, private car parks. The F900 drain is the highest loading class - built to be strong and robust - offering suitability for heavy-duty environments, including airports and docks.

2. Grating

Again, the weight rating plays a huge part in choosing the right channel drainage systems. Think about where the drain is going and make sure that you choose the right grating for the job. Something else to be mindful of when choosing grating is the brand.

Not all grating is universal. You need to be aware of compatibility if you’re trying to mix and match your drain pipes and grating. Where some brands supply grating that fits their drains only, our channel drains are supplied with grating to make it easier for you.

At Total Pipes, we supply:

3. Budget

Selecting the right channel drainage needn’t be expensive. We supply a wide range of products, ranging from quad boxes, outlet caps and sump units to 1mtr length drains and grating - providing something for every budget.

The channel drains with HDPE grating are supplied in black and come at an affordable price, but for just a few pounds more, you could create a more sophisticated drain with galvanised grating.

Order your channel drains from Total Pipes and receive a first class service. We provide no minimum order charges and supply products to meet and exceed every expectation. We offer free delivery on combined orders over £300, so be sure to purchase everything you need today.

For more information, call our underground drainage specialists on 01254 382 000 and we will be more than willing to guide and advise you.