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Your go-to guide for rainwater drainage this autumn

In the UK, we are only too used to a heavy downpour! Rainfall in the UK varies for a number of reasons, which makes it incredibly difficult to predict the weather forecast.


When it comes to heavy rainfall, it’s fair to say that we have more than our fair share, here in the UK! Whether it be droughts or flash floods, there’s little middle ground.

Rainfall can vary anywhere between 600mm and 3,000mm, annually, and is distributed unevenly. After several long dry spells, we can often be faced with the “dreaded” hosepipe ban.

Typically, the East is drier than the West and this can be linked to the fact that there is a western breeze that brings in the rain from the sea. Another reason why the West is prone to heavier rainfall is that the area is relatively mountainous and mountains can encourage precipitation.

What impact does heavy rainfall have on Rainwater Systems?

Depending on the volume of rain, poorly maintained properties are more susceptible to damage. To protect your Rainwater System, it’s better to familiarise yourself with how the drainage system works, as well as the guttering and downpipes, at least then you can easily identify problems as soon as they occur.

As we move towards the winter, heavy rainfall can often result in Rainwater Systems taking the brunt of things! If Rainwater Systems become damaged, you can rest assured that, here at Total Pipeline Systems, we have just the solution! We supply a wide range of guttering and downpipe supplies that allow you to fix or replace broken parts without compromising efficiency and preventing further damage.

Our guttering and downpipe supplies.

At Total Pipes, we aim to satisfy the requirements of an array of customers, providing you with products that are not only priced suitably but manufactured to the highest quality standard.

The gutter is an essential part of any Rainwater System and provides the first line of defence against intense rainfall. The main purpose of the gutter is to catch and collect the rain that drains from the roof, essentially preventing flooding.

Rainwater Systems and guttering direct water towards downpipes- away from properties.

How to choose guttering?

Generally, guttering supplies need to be at least 100mm wide to allow rainwater to flow with ease and to prevent the formation of blockages. To ensure that the gutter can handle the amount of rain, you need to consider the surface area of the gutter- don’t be tempted to go for a smaller gutter simply because it’s cheaper!

When choosing a material, there are many different types of Rainwater Systems, each of which are specifically designed to include a gutter outlet and downpipe. Often, modern properties are fitted with PVC gutters. Plastic Rainwater Systems and supplies are considerably easier to work with and can be adjusted to suit your specification. Older properties tend to incorporate drains that are made from cast iron.

The cast iron downpipe supplies require more maintenance than the PVC drainage supplies, however, they complement older, traditional properties best!

How to maintain Rainwater Systems?

To maximise the return on your investment, we recommend taking the time to check your drainage system- especially after a heavy downpour. Regular inspections will allow you to spot any leaking pipes or blockages in the system and rectify these as soon as possible (before the problem worsens!)

Should you require any assistance when it comes to maintaining Rainwater Systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts; we will be more than willing to share our expertise and provide you with any advice and support that you need!

As with any of the products that we supply at Total Pipeline Systems, the Rainwater Systems are priced competitively to ensure that you receive the best value for your money. We provide no minimum orders, so you have ample opportunity to purchase the products that you need when you need them most.

We make sure that all of our products meet and exceed your project demands and aim to deliver our products in accordance with tight deadlines.

To find out more, call us on 01282 222077 today!