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All you need to know about Plastic Piping

Total Pipeline Systems are the company of choice for many different industries, ranging from ground workers, civil engineers, plumbers and contractors.

We supply Plastic Piping in several styles and sizes to meet and exceed the requirements of all customers.

What can plastic piping be used for?

Here at Total Pipes, we supply Plastic Piping to suit the demands of various projects – making it easy for you to find products that suit your needs best.

Plastic pipes can be used for many different applications, including underground drainage, channel drainage and rainwater systems.

Underground drainage

One of the most common uses of Plastic Piping is underground drainage systems. Our plastic drainage pipes are compliant with BS EN 1401 standards and are often the preferred option for plumbers, ground workers and civil engineers.

With a selection of UPVC pipes and pipe fittings to choose from, we make sure that you find products that ensure maximum functionality.

Soil and waste

You’ll find Plastic Piping in many different shapes and sizes. Commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens to connect toilets and sinks to the main sewer, our range of soil and waste pipes and pipe fittings are guaranteed to offer a perfect fit to systems.

The plastic pipes are purposely designed to transport wastewater and sewage water to the sewer – making sure that waste is removed efficiently.

Channel drainage

To compliment your drainage needs, we supply channel drainage products that are also made from plastic. These are manufactured to the highest quality and are lightweight which instantly makes them simple to install.

Our channel drainage products are guaranteed to prevent blockages and make sure that your drainage system operates effectively.

Rainwater systems

Whether it be guttering or downpipes, the supplies that we have in stock for rainwater systems are available in half, round and square variations, as well as deep flow high capacity and mini options.

Plastic Piping for rainwater systems ensures that there is no compromise made to function. It prevents rainwater spilling over the top of gutters and offers long-life.


If you’re looking for a secure, reliable solution for transporting gases, Plastic Piping is ideal. At Total Pipes, we provide a wide range of gas pipes and fittings which are guaranteed to maintain their condition.

Our gas pipes, compression fittings and electrofusion fittings are renowned for exceptional durability and performance.

What are the key benefits of plastic piping?

When it comes to choosing Plastic Piping, there are several ways that you can benefit.

Any plastic pipes that we supply at Total Pipes are designed to be flexible and compatible with other materials. As well as this, they are manufactured to offer durability and guarantee long-term performance.

With Plastic Piping having a low density, it’s easy for you to install to your new or existing system. It offers a secure fit which is great for preventing leaks.

Our plastic pipes are designed to resist corrosion and various impacts to provide you with a long-lasting solution for your rainwater/drainage needs.

Why are plastic pipes chamfered?

‘Chamfering’ plastic pipes is the process of making the edge smooth. When plastic pipes are chamfered, they are easier to maintain and work with. They are best chamfered prior to assembly as it enables you to connect them quicker.

To chamfer a plastic pipe, the outer end is filed or scraped to remove sharp edges that can affect the quality of the join. Plastic pipes with a chamfered end prevents leaking and helps you to avoid big, costly problems further down the line.

If you need to know more about Plastic Piping, our team of experts are always on hand to offer technical support and guidance, so be sure to call us today on 01282 222077.