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How Long Do Plastic Pipes Last?

Owning a house is (by far) one of life’s greatest accomplishments. But there will be times where you have to deal with plumbing issues – like leaky pipes, low water pressure and clogged drains.

As much as we’d love to tell you that plumbing pipes last forever, it’s not the case. Several factors determine how long pipes will survive – including what they are exposed to, how they’re installed and any general wear and tear. However, the material from which they are constructed can have a significant impact on their lifespan.

Take lead pipes, for instance. Unlike copper pipes that can last 70-80 years, lead pipes are expected to last up to 100 years before they need replacing. However, if you have lead pipes in your home, it’s recommended that you replace them immediately. After all, lead is extremely toxic and could potentially poison people if they are exposed to it for long periods. With that said, plastic pipes, are an excellent alternative and have quickly become an integral part of the plumbing system.

This begs the question, how long do plastic pipes last?

  • PVC pipes

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a material that’s renowned for being lightweight, durable, inexpensive and long-lasting. And pipes that are constructed from PVC can last anywhere up to 100 years.

When compared to other plastic pipes, PVC pipes are less sensitive to thermal elongation which means they will provide better protection against possible damage caused by pipes shrinking and expanding.

However, heat distortion tends to occur at temperatures above 60°C and prolonged exposure to cold can result in the pipe becoming brittle when frozen. With that said, PVC pipes are not recommended for applications that are exposed to inclement weather conditions.

  • PE pipes

PE (polyethylene) is also comprised of thermoplastic material and can be cut to length.

In terms of durability, plastic pipes like these are unmatched. They demonstrate excellent resistance to slow crack growth (SCG) and rapid crack propagation (RCP) and maintain such properties across varied temperatures – even low temperatures.

PE pipes possess excellent strength and durability. They are leak, crack, burst, tear, puncture and chemical resistant which means they are suitable for a host of applications. And studies have shown that this type of plastic piping can last more than 100 years! Yet despite all this, they are still available to buy online at Total Pipeline Systems for a highly competitive price.

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