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How can you benefit from Plastic Drainage Pipes?

Plastic piping is quickly becoming the preferred choice of various professionals. Increasingly more people are choosing plastic pipes and pipe fittings over the concrete, clay, iron and steel counterparts, and it’s no surprise when they have countless benefits to offer!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Push-Fit Waste Pipes or 110mm Pipes and Pipe Fittings, Total Pipeline Systems are confident that you’ll find exactly what you need; after all, we supply a complete range of plastic piping that is tailored to suit even the most diverse needs.

Plastic Pipe Fittings

The plastic pipe fittings that we have in stock are specifically engineered to meet high-quality standards and have undergone rigorous testing, meaning that they meet British Safety Standards.

We aim to accommodate all industries, so no matter what you need plastic piping for, you’re sure to find an assortment of drainage pipes that are calibrated to fit perfectly.

Wondering whether plastic piping is right for you? Consider the following to discover how you could benefit from the plastic pipe fittings that we supply at Total Pipes:


If you were to compare drainage pipes made from plastic, like the 110mm Pipes and Pipe Fittings, with other drainage pipes, you’ll notice how plastic piping is significantly lighter. When it comes to transporting plastic pipes, the lightweight design makes it easier and as transportation costs are closely linked to the weight value, this can work in your favour!

Ease of Installation

Plastic drainage pipes are also easy to install, requiring less downtime and fewer workers and machines. Choosing the plastic pipe fittings from Total Pipes will not only provide you with products that are easy to work with but products that match your budget requirements without fail.

It’s thought that using plastic pipes can cut the installation time by 1/3, making it much more convenient for you. The Push-Fit Waste Pipes that we provide are ideal for tight, awkward spaces and are safe to use.

Extended Lengths

Unlike other drainage pipes, the plastic pipes are available in a choice of longer lengths. The plastic drainage pipes that we supply are guaranteed to suit your requirements; so whether you’re looking for pipes that require less joints or connectors, you needn’t look any further!

The extended lengths are designed to be watertight and provide exceptional performance, no matter what they are needed for.


Plastic pipe fittings are made to be equally as reliable as plastic pipes. As a result of our drainage pipes being made from plastic, they boast a robust, durable design that allows you to maintain quality standards for longer.

Plastic is also designed to resist rust, corrosion and rot, making the pipes that we supply, suitable for the toughest of conditions.

Less Friction

Needless to say that they are easier to work with, the smooth inner bore of plastic piping ensures that water can flow freely without friction on the surface. From our extensive range of plastic pipes, you needn’t worry about finding products that prevent the build-up of debris or minimising the risk of flooding.


Any of the plastic pipes provide resistance to chemical attacks. Chemicals within the effluent or contaminated soils can often cause corrosion which leads to costly replacements.

Here at Total Pipes, we supply plastic piping to meet and exceed your requirements, where possible, and when it comes to maintaining your pipework systems, you’re in capable hands with our team of experts!

The Universal Waste Plastic Pipe Fittings are difficult to set alight and burn because they are flame resistant. They are often an appealing choice to make as a result of their resistance to fire and heat- they ultimately reduce the risk of fire hazards.


One of the main advantages of using the plastic pipe fittings to accompany plastic pipes is that they can withstand ground movement and are less prone to fracturing and cracking.

The pipes from Total Pipes are designed to be sturdy and maintain good shape, despite being put under pressure.


With sustainability being prominent in society, plastic piping is an ideal investment. We stock the plastic pipes in various styles and sizes to ensure that you find products that match your exact specification, however, they also require less energy for production, making them a sustainable option.

As well as this, a plastic pipe has a longer lifespan than other piping, allowing you to maximise your investment and receive exceptional value for the money that you paid. In terms of sustainability, you cannot go wrong with the plastic pipes that we supply at Total Pipes, even when they aren’t fit for purpose, they can still be recycled.

Could you benefit from plastic drainage pipes from Total Pipes? Find out by calling us on 01282 222077 or email us at today!