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All you need to know about Drainage Gullies

What are drainage gullies?

Drainage gullies act to drain surface water from areas susceptible to flooding and water collection such as roads, pedestrian areas, flat roofs, and can be used in conjunction with ground floor domestic appliances to remove waste water.

Here at Total Pipeline Systems, we provide a wide range of drainage gullies and gully traps to ensure that your home and work drainage systems are in complete working order. We provide various gullies, including the Plain Bottle Gully and the Back Inlet Bottle Gully to act as your ground level drain.

Where can you find drainage gullies?

Our drainage gullies are used to prevent water building up. They can be applied to almost any area that’s susceptible to flooding during intense rainfall but they tend to be found on roads and highways where there can often quickly be a build-up of large volumes of surface water, which without efficient drainage can lead to accidents, traffic and road closures.

As well as this, the drainage gullies can be installed to the home, ensuring that the property effectively removes surface water and waste water from some appliances.

What do they do?

Drainage gullies are used to transfer surface water from properties or roads to the drainage system but what happens when there’s a blockage in the system?

In the past when drains became blocked, there once was a time that you’d be required to clear the  manually. This would have arguably been one of the worst jobs to do but thanks to Total Pipeline Systems, this no longer be the case!

You can either seek expert advice about cleaning your gully with a suction tank or you can choose to replace it with one of the drainage gullies we provide, here at Total Pipeline Systems! If you’re looking to replace it, you can count on us to provide you with the highest quality products, including gully traps and a complete range of essential parts to go with the gully. Check them out here!

Why do you need to keep drainage gullies clean?

When it comes to keeping your drainage system efficient, you’ll want to make sure that your underground drainage system is well maintained.

A poorly maintained drainage system will only cause more of a hindrance than anything else, you should always make sure that your system is operating efficiently to ensure that there isn’t a buildup of water, especially if you want to keep your repair costs low!

If you plan to replace an old or outdated drainage gully, we recommend you hold off to the autumn at least. Problems start throughout the autumn months when there’s an increase in the number of leaves. The leaves are blown into the drains and the volume of rainwater increases, meaning the drainage gullies start to clog up.

As well as leaves and rainwater, your gully is likely to collect litter as a result of it being carried in the wind. These materials need to be removed in order for your system to operate smoothly and reliably.

How can we help?

The team of experts, here at Total Pipeline Systems have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to providing the most reliable parts for your drainage system.

For effective drainage management, Total Pipeline Systems can help you to control the volume of water more efficiently using our easy to install drainage gullies, which have been made to last and offer high quality.

As soon as you notice your gully is blocked, we advise you to get in touch with us, this way we’ll be able to provide you with a reliable service and offer a quick turnaround on the delivery of the allimportant parts required for your application!

Simply call us on 01282 222 077today!