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Tips for looking after your drainage pipes after second lockdown

2020 has certainly been a year for the books. The world has been rocked by a global pandemic and, as the UK is preparing to come out of its second lockdown since March, many businesses are starting to think about reopening their doors once again.

But are your drainage pipes prepped and ready for business?

With the sudden closure of all businesses in the UK during the first lockdown back in March, and a strict tiered system in operation across the country before the second lockdown took place - many restaurants, bars, pubs, shops and other independent businesses closed their doors unexpectedly and in many cases, abruptly. So, the chances are you didn’t find opportunity to perform the usual maintenance on your business premises, including cleaning the drainage pipes.

But with many businesses set to reopen in December, based on their areas tier restrictions, there has never been a better time to get plans in place for a thorough clear-out and clean of the drains. After all, failure to do so could lead to blocked sewers which could put a further halt on business, not to mention the money it could cost to get the issue fixed!

So, if you’re planning to recommence trading soon, here are our top tips for getting your drainpipes clean and clear in time for the big day!

#1 Remove any grease first

If your business offers food to customers, whether as a café, pub, restaurant or something else – the chances are that your grease management system has sat untouched since your last day of business.

It’s no use cooking until all grease has been removed – so ensure each component of your drainage system has been cleared of grease before the big day. This particularly includes any equipment you have in place for catching fat, oil and grease from getting into the pipes as they may not be able to work to their full potential otherwise.

#2 Check your sink drainpipe for blockages

A blocked water pipe can occur for a number of reasons and could be the result of a blockage, especially if you haven’t used the sink in some time leading to the pipes drying up. An easy solution can sometimes be a simple flushing through of the pipes by running water. In some cases, you may also want to use a safe unblocking fluid, although this should be a last resort and you should always manually check for blocked waste first for safe and effective removal.

#3 Implement a sink strainer

If you’re serving food all day every day, we appreciate it can be tough to keep on top of your waste management system in order to prevent a drain blockage from occurring. A simple way to reduce that risk is by adding a simple sink strainer to your plug holes, which will catch food and other waste that falls into the sink – allowing you to empty it into the bin without issue.

#4 Don’t dispose of grease down the sink

Implementing an easy waste system for you and staff to follow can be the most effective way to keep your drains clean and clear for longer without much effort at all. Instead of pouring waste, fat and grease down the plug hole, why not appoint a place you can safely dispose of these items? It could be a waste bucket which can be sealed and put into the bin, or even a food waste recycling caddy.

#5 Replace damaged drainage parts straight away

If any aspect of your drainage system has become damaged beyond repair during lockdown, it is advisable that you get it replaced immediately and before you open back up to the public. Here at Total Pipes, we stock pretty much every part of your drainage network and offer same day delivery on many of our products. So, if you urgently need a replacement part of piping, take a look through our collections or contact us today to speak with a member of our team.