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Why is summer the ideal time for drain maintenance?

As the lockdown restrictions take a tentative step towards easing, and with temperatures rising, it’s looking like we could be able to reunite with loved ones and soak up the sun in beer gardens this summer. However, although you wouldn’t normally associate this season with drain maintenance, it’s actually the ideal time to show your underground drainage, pipes and gutters a little TLC.

Here we look at just a few reasons why you should add drain maintenance to your to-do list…

5 reasons to maintain your drains this summer

  • Better weather conditions

With warmer temperatures and fewer weather-related delays (i.e. snow, frost, wind, heavy downpours, etc), there is no better time to schedule drain maintenance. Not only can professionals reach you faster, but it also makes their job easier as the process of checking drains is much simpler and quicker.

As well as this, you should consider getting your ladders out and removing any dirt or debris from your rainwater systems. See our blog for easy to follow instructions on how to clean your gutters.

  • Prevent nasty odours

Due to the amount of waste and water that goes down the drains at your property, bacteria can build up on the inside of drain pipes. Unfortunately, the warm weather aggravates the bacteria and could lead to blockages or – even worse – unpleasant smells. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your drains cleaned regularly by a professional as a preventative measure.

  • Resolve issues from cold weather

Here in the UK, we have more than our fair share of harsh weather and this can wreak havoc on your drains. For example, damage to pipes from winter freezing and blockages caused by leaves and debris accumulation. Although you’d be forgiven for not braving the elements and tackling such issues in the cold winter months, now is your chance to assess and resolve any issues before they fester into something much worse.

  • Prevent problems escalating

We appreciate that maintaining your drains isn’t the most exciting thing to do when the sun is shining, however, any problems that aren’t resolved could get worse as time goes on. And the summer heat will only exacerbate things. Therefore, it’s worth solving the issue at the start of summer when the weather isn’t too hot and repairs are easier to do.

  • Prepare for the months ahead

Rectifying any issues in advance is a no brainer as it will ensure that your drains are in good shape by the time the cold weather returns. After all, leaving complications from the summer to persist into the winter will require more work and could prove costlier to repair.

Do your drains need work this summer?

If so, don’t delay. This season makes repairs and inspections more straightforward to carry out and can save you the hassle in the colder months.

If your underground drainage is damaged beyond repair or you need new gutters, you’re sure to find everything you need here at Total Pipes. From 110mm pipes and fittings to drainage gullies, rainwater systems, guttering and downpipe supplies, we have it all. And the best bit? All our products are priced competitively and delivered to your door quickly.

For more information about the products we have in stock, or to discuss your requirements with a member of the team, call us on 01254 382 000 today.