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How To Take Care Of Your Drainage System This Winter

Discover our expert’s top tips on how to keep your underground drainage system healthy this winter.

As we think about wrapping up warm for the months ahead, it’s important that we also keep our drainpipes in mind.

Yes, they’re likely the last thing you’re worried about, but just like most things, your drains can suffer at the hands of plummeting temperatures.

If they’re not taken care of, they’re prone to cracking and bursting – which could ruin parts of your property in the process.

But how can you look after your drains this winter? In this post, our experts at Total Pipes iron out everything you need to know.

Insulate your pipes

Insulating your pipes is one of the best ways to protect them against frost damage – as it reduces the likelihood of them getting blocked, or worse, bursting.

Doing this also helps you to keep water hotter for longer, which has the additional benefit of reducing your energy expenditure.

Insulating your pipes isn’t as costly as you might be imagining, and if you like a DIY project, we’ve got good news for you!

Circular insulation is available at most DIY stores and can be wrapped around at-risk piping very quickly and easily.

Avoid blockages

Blockages are unavoidable sometimes, especially in winter. But there are some things you can do to steer clear of them.

You should avoid pouring any fats or oils down the sink or drain, as they leave a coat of residue behind on the insides of your pipes, increasing the likelihood of a blockage.

As well as this, you should inspect your drains for any leaves, mud or any other debris left over from the autumn to prevent potential blocking and freezing of your drains.

Keep an eye out for leaks and drips

Leaking pipes and sub-zero temperatures are a disastrous pair.

As the water freezes, it expands – which can cause your pipes to crack or rupture and, as a result, the leak can get much worse.

As you can imagine, this can cause some nasty issues not just to your drainage system, but to other parts of your house as well.

But how can you tell you have a leaking pipe?

Luckily, there are a few signs to keep an eye out for, including low water pressure, mould, wet spots and spikes in your water bill.

If you suspect there’s a problem, check out our previous blog post on how to fix a leaking water pipe.

Purchase new drainage system parts at Total Pipes

If your drainage system is past the point of repair and you’re looking to invest in a few new parts, we have everything you need here at Total Pipes.

We supply a wide range of uPVC drainage pipes and fittings that are perfect for every underground drainage system.

If you have any questions about any of our products or would like to know more about how you can take care of your drainage system this winter, be sure to get in touch with our experts.

Give us a call on 01254 382 000 or send your enquiry by email to and we’ll get back to you!