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What are the benefits of Plastic Pipes?

Plastic Pipes from Total Pipeline Systems hold countless advantages over pipes that are manufactured from cast iron and copper- it’s no surprise that they have increased in popularity when they offer a more convenient and affordable alternative for so many applications.

Could you benefit from our wide range of Plastic Piping?


Hassle-Free Installation

To make the installation process of drainage pipes easier, you need to make sure that you choose the most suitable pipes. Plastic Pipes are designed specifically to make your job easier, allowing you to cut them to length and to install them quickly.

Unlike other pipes, Plastic Piping is flexible and can be used for various applications. This flexibility makes them easier to handle, therefore, speeding up the installation process.

Lightweight Design

Here at Total Pipes, our UPVC pipes have an advantageous weight that instantly makes them a firm favourite of civil engineers, ground workers and plumbers. The fact that Plastic Pipes are lighter allows you to move them with ease, transport them for less and requires fewer installers.

Choosing Plastic Piping will allow you to install pipes 5x faster than any others, ultimately saving the need for machinery and improving the handling time.

Quicker Installation Time

Comparing UPVC to concrete will show you just how you could benefit from the Plastic Pipes! Our Drainage Pipes that are made from UPVC can be installed 30% faster than any concrete pipes, so if you’re looking for products that are quick and easy to work with, you needn’t look any further than Total Pipes!


The physical properties of the Plastic Piping are envied by many industries. Like any of the products that we supply at Total Pipes, our pipes are designed with the needs of our customers in mind, ensuring that you find only the most suitable products for your application.

Our range of Plastic Pipes provides a high degree of freedom which makes them more versatile and easier to work with.

Less leaks

UPVC pipes have an ultra-smooth inner surface that enables liquids to flow efficiently. We provide a complete range of Plastic Piping to eliminate water loss and allow for quick and easy joining, saving you time, effort and money.

Our products are available in an assortment of longer lengths which simply means that there are fewer joints required. The push-fit joints offer greater integrity than the traditional joints- making our UPVC pipes even more desirable.

The pipes that are watertight (fully sealed) are offered to meet the requirements of specific applications, i.e. trench installations and contaminated environments. The tightness of the Plastic Pipes is used as a parameter for performance analysis.


The UPVC pipes are designed to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases. In one sense, they are more environmentally friendly than other materials because they can be recycled at the end of their usable life.

When choosing pipes for above and below drainage needs, you’re in capable hands with us! Our drainage pipes are designed to be extremely efficient, offering longevity and reliability. They are considered to be a worthy investment to make- saving you time, effort and money when it comes to repairing and maintaining systems and installing new pipes for repairs.


Looking for a cost-saving alternative to copper or concrete pipes?

Here at Total Pipes, we take into consideration the cost of installation, breakages and the life cycle of Plastic Pipes, allowing you to keep your expenditure costs to a minimum. The longevity of our products is paired with function and efficiency and can also increase the rate of productivity, making sure that the products you install are priced suitably for your budget but also made to last.

Boost Performance

If you’ve had to deal with blocked pipes and connection failure, you could benefit from Plastic Piping from Total Pipes!

To save you from spending money repairing pipe blockages which are costly and require hours of repair, we stock pipes that are less susceptible to blockages because they incorporate a smooth inner lining. So, if you’re looking to minimise potential risks and leaks, check out the range of products that we provide, here at Total Pipes!


Concrete pipes are often prone to corrosion; however, this isn’t the case with our Plastic Piping! If you’re looking for pipes to convey safe drinking water, our UPVC pipes are indisputably resistant to corrosion, providing you with the peace of mind that they are safe to use.

As well as corrosion resistance, the Plastic Pipes are designed to offer resistance to chemicals which makes them suitable for water infrastructure. The pipes that can be found at Total Pipes are perfect for conveying acids, alkalis and various other liquids- not forgetting their ability to withstand abrasion!

If you need to know more about how you could benefit from Plastic Piping, don’t hesitate to call us on 01282 222077 today.