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7 Reasons why you need Twin Wall Ducting

When it comes to finding twin wall ducting for your unique application, you’ll find that Total Pipeline Systems supplies a comprehensive range of ducting for you to choose from, taking into consideration the demands of any civil, utility or telecommunication project.

Are you looking to prevent damage? The twin wall pipes and ducting that we provide are perfect if you need to alert people to the presence of your underground drainage, informing them of what is carried within it.

 There are countless ways that you could benefit from the twin wall ducting that we supply at Total Pipes- can you afford not to find out more today?


If you’re looking for products to enhance the efficiency of your underground drainage system, you’re in capable hands with Total Pipes! We make sure that our twin wall ducting provides high performance on the job, making sure that you get more out of it.

Whether you’re looking to protect the cables leading to your power supply or your underground drainage pipes, here at Total Pipes, we consider no infrastructure or civil engineering project too big or too small, providing suitable products for everyone. We supply the twin wall ducting to meet your exact specification, accommodating all piping needs.


As with any of the products that we provide, our twin wall ducting is manufactured to the highest quality, so you needn’t worry about finding something suitable for your specific application! Our products are designed to be lightweight, making them arguably the easiest products to work with.

Choosing twin wall ducting will allow you to protect cables and conduit, ultimately preventing cables snagging and bending. We highly recommend this type of ducting if you’re looking to eliminate damage and to find a reliable solution for protecting your underground systems.

No matter which of our products you choose, you’ll find that they offer high impact resistance, chemical resistance and compression strength- making them suitable for almost any application!


For those planning to install the twin wall ducting themselves; make sure that there as few bends as possible. If you’re looking for ducting for your water pipes, you need to make sure that they are carefully installed, ultimately preventing the risk of frost damage.

Any of the twin wall ducting is designed and manufactured to be quick and easy to install, making it a whole lot more convenient for you.

If you require any expert advice when it comes to installing ducting, feel free to call the team of experts, here at Total Pipes on 01282 222077!

Colour coding.

To make things easier for you, our twin wall ducting is coded. We provide the coils in a range of colours, making it easier for you to identify which suits your application best. If need be, our ducting can be printed on to suit your requirements even further.

If you’re not entirely sure which twin wall ducting you need; let us help you:

We supply the black coils for any domestic electrical and power applications and the red ones for high voltage electricity.

The green ducting is used for CCTV, fibre optics and cable TV, where the grey ducts contain telecommunications.

Within our collection of twin wall pipes and ducts, you’ll find the blue ones which are used for water pipes. Our orange ducts are ideal for street lighting and traffic signals where the purple ones are also used for street lighting (but only in Scotland). The purple ones are used for motorway communications too.

The yellow ducts are suitable for gas service pipes and can be perforated to suit your high specification.

Make sure you choose the right twin wall ducting today!

Perforated ducting.

Here at Total Pipes, we aim to provide all of our customers with the best value for their money, so if you have any special requirements, be sure to inform us of these and we will be more than willing to provide you with a suitable solution.

Not all of our products are perforated but the 60mm Perforated Gas Duct is supplied in 50m coils and is yellow in colour. This duct is designed to resist impacts and has been perforated, allowing you to carefully install it underground.


If you’re looking for products to suit your larger application, you should consider flexible twin wall ducting. This ducting will provide you with added flexibility, making it perfect for areas that require high strength- beneath pavements and roads are fine examples!

The flexible ducting is made up of a smooth inner wall and a corrugated external wall. These also incorporate draw cords to make it easier for you.

Draw cords.

Within our collection of twin wall pipes, you’ll discover the 63/50mm Twin Wall Ducting which is available in 50m coil lengths. This coil includes a draw cord, making it easier to pull cables through.

The fact that this twin wall ducting has the draw cord pre-installed means that you don’t need to purchase it separately, saving you money, time and effort. Draw cords are supplied to enable you to finish the job efficiently.

Should you need any technical advice or support regarding the twin wall ducting, contact us at Total Pipeline Systems today!