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Twin Wall Pipes

Here you will find our inventory of twinwall pipes and single wall gas ducting coils available for purchase. The 63/50mm duct coils come with a drawcord already installed and couplers pre-attached for maximum convenience, and are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for stability and durability under harsh conditions. Available in lengths of 50 metres, they are up to the task of handling all kinds of work.

The option to choose from a range of colours can help with the task of identifying and sorting through complex twin wall pipe networks that might otherwise be a challenge to work within an underground setting.

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These twinwall pipes are textured for strength and easy handling, and are designed for offering protection and identification of cables and smaller diameter service pipe efficiently. Once properly installed, our pipes are designed to last, and will make your job of cable & service pipe installation a lot easier.

Equally dependable are our perforated gas ducts, also on sale here. Safety is always the highest priority when working with gases, and our gas ducts are Kitemarked (BS4962) to ensure the highest quality performance while on the job. Our gas ducts are kept to standard physical dimensions, and so are designed to comply with TRANSCO specifications for your convenience.

Many customers have questions about gas duct or twin wall pipe products, and these can be addressed via our technical support team, which is accessible through this website.

Underground ducting is an essential part of protecting buried cable and service pipe. We are TPS are proud to offer the highest quality twinwall pipes and gas ducts for all of your needs, and have full confidence that we will provide customer satisfaction.

Whenever you are ready to make a purchase, just add the item to your shopping cart and feel free to browse around the rest of our online catalogue to let us meet all of your other piping needs as well. If you're done adding twinwall pipes and everything else you need, then you are ready to move on to the checkout, where we can confirm your entire order and receive your payment details. As soon as we've got your order, our delivery team will process it, package it and send it on its way in a matter of hours.

Performance and convenience: That's the TPS way.

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