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Atplas Meter Box
Atplas Meter Box

Atplas Meter Box

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Below-ground Atplas water meter boxes, supplied by Atlantic Plastics, can be buried in pavements and walkways – or any other safe environment that creates easy access for meter readings or service shut-offs.

Made from some of the strongest high-quality materials – including acetal, polypropylene, and DMC (Dough Moulding Compound) or SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) – Atplas meter boxes comply with all Water Industry Specifications (No. 4-37-01 and BS5834 Part II) and are approved by the Water Regulation Approval Scheme. You can be confident that you’re using the safest industry-compliant products on the market.

Atplas water meter boxes are made up of three main components – the surface box, chamber, and seals – and we provide everything you need ready to assemble.

Compatible with a range of different service pipes, flexible Atplas meter boxes are easy to install and operate – making them one of the best water meter boxes that money can buy.

Technical specifications:

  • 25mm and 35mm connections available
  • Adjustable height (505mm-830mm)
  • Materials: Acetal, polypropylene, and DMC
  • Temperature range: 0◦C - 60◦C

Delivery information:

  • Free UK delivery on all orders worth over £300
  • No minimum order charges on all UK orders

For more information about Atplas water meter boxes or installation advice, don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Total Pipes. We’re always available and happy to respond to your enquiries!

*Please note - the design of these has changed, the new Atplas box looks different to that pictured

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