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80mm Type II Fire Hydrant

80mm Type II Fire Hydrant

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Fire hydrants play a vital role in active firefighting.

Typically, they’re used as a point where firefighters can access water quickly from a local mains supply when out on emergency calls and are buried underground.

If you live in the UK, you’ll have seen above-ground posts or marker plates, labelled with a large black letter H and a pair of numbers, that are attached to walls, lamp posts or small concrete posts.

This indicates where a fire hydrant is buried.

Many different types of fire hydrants can be used for underground installation, but the most popular is the Type 2 fire hydrant.

Wherever you need a connection to industrial, large-diameter water mains that are buried deep underground, our 80mm type 2 fire hydrants here at Total Pipeline Systems are the perfect candidate for the job.

Our 80mm type 2 fire hydrants feature a 2.5-inch round London thread outlet and a stainless-steel finish which offers an extremely strong, reliable connection.

Their robust design requires little upkeep, and they’re extremely easy to handle and install.

What’s more, they’re also Kitemarked to BS750:2012 and BS EN 14339 standards to reassure you of their safety and high quality.

    Shop high-quality fire hydrants at Total Pipeline Systems

    All of our products, including our 80mm type II fire hydrants here at Total Pipeline Systems, are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

    So, if you’re in the market for a type 2 fire hydrant, consider us your go-to supplier.

    If you require more information about our 80mm type II fire hydrants, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with our friendly experts.

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