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Why You Should Choose A Kanaflex Type Hose


In the piping industry, there are different types of materials used for all sorts of utilities. From pipes to guttering systems, the quality of these materials improve over time and the selection of quality grade materials can be purchased in many different hardware stores. Many large industries have certain standards of what they use for their projects. For instance, in the old days, cast iron pipes were the norm but has been slowly replaced by more preferable HDPE pipes due to their durability and ease of installation. Even home owners swear to a certain type of grade material for their home DIY projects, but the choices have now increased thanks to the innovation of technology in the piping industry. Depending on which pipe part a consumer requires, most will look for suppliers and brands that have a recognised image in the piping industry. One exception of such brand is the Kanaflex hose.

Kanaflex Hose

One of the latest inventions in the piping industry is the advent of the Kanaflex type hose. A Kanaflex type hose is manufactured using the finest materials to ensure its quality. Materials such as PVC, urethane, rubber and polypropylene are used for both home and industrial use. Recently, a metal reinforced corrugated HDPE pipe that can be utilised on storm water drainages and storm sewer application was also introduced. These specialised pipes are able to withstand a range of chemicals and maintain their durability for prolonged use.

The Kanaflex hose is used for a large list of utilities in many different industries such as agriculture, construction, fishing, mining, waste management and many others. With many different applications, there are also different types of pipes that can be used for a range of specific needs.

Some of their applications can be used for:

  • Fertiliser liquid transfer
  • Irrigation
  • Ventilation
  • Cement plant
  • Vacuum excavators
  • Water pumping
  • Exhaust ducting
  • Sandblast recover
  • Slurry transfer
  • Sanitation plants

Why Use Kanaflex Hoses

The specialised Kanaflex type hose has a range of benefits for its user in various areas. Its compositions are a unique blend of proprietary materials in line with advanced technology and equipment during their manufacturing process. One of the key areas of these pipes are that the pipes have a wide range of chemical resistance and utilisation in many different areas. Some of the advantages of using a Kanaflex type hose are:

  • High tensile metal reinforced HDPE pipes excellent for rainwater drainage applications
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to install without much effort
  • Flexible to work with
  • Smooth interior for easy liquid transfer
  • Uses high quality rubber material and does not degrade easily
  • Able to transport water, oil, chemicals, fuel and many other fluids

Although a vast majority of pipe materials such as PVC, PE and HDPE do have similar properties, one of the greatest advantages of using a Kanoflex type pipe is its excellent resistance to damaging chemicals surrounding the pipes or which are transferred in the pipes themselves. For this reason, the Kanoflex type pipe would make an excellent choice when it comes to dealing with hazardous chemicals industrially or domestically.


With many different producers of piping utilities, each of them certainly have their own advantages. It is a little bit like choosing a car to buy with each brand having their own strengths and drawbacks. The Kanaflex hose is a new revolutionary type of piping equipment and many have opted to give their product a go. The specifications look very promising and their range of products should be capable to fulfil a wide range of utilities both industrially and domestically.

Most people do not like dealing with the difficult issue of installing pipes and tend to avoid pipes that have very low durability. Home owners usually deal with rainwater management and Kanaflex Metal-Reinforced HDPE pipes are surely the best choice when it comes to rainwater management but its application is not only limited to that.

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