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Why should you install round down pipes and fittings this summer?

Similar to the installation of land drainage pipes, the conditions throughout the winter are not ideal for installing round downpipes! A rainwater system is best fitted when the conditions are dry, it’s much easier and efficient.

So, why not install round downpipes throughout the summer months and be well prepared for the forthcoming winter?

If you don’t maintain your drainage system periodically it might be worth considered replacing your current system, as you can’t be sure that it’s performing to the best of its ability. A poorly maintained rainwater system will not be efficient, in terms of functionality and affordability.

Improve aesthetics.
You needn’t worry about fitting a round downpipe to your guttering system, as it won’t compromise your need for style. Here at Total Pipes, we provide an extensive choice of colours, offering a perfect match to the exterior of your property. You have the option of black, white, brown or grey for your round downpipes! The colours are distinctive; however, we also provide colours that are subtle and blend in with the drainage pipes you already have attached to your home.

Clearing gutters.
After a miserable winter, your gutter needs some TLC. You should plan to have your gutters cleaned, removing any materials that are causing blockages. If you need to replace your gutter, Total Pipes round downpipe fittings can provide you with the stability needed to drain rainwater efficiently, they having been manufactured to have a large water capacity. For watertight insulation, you need one of Total Pipes round downpipes and matching downpipe fittings. Our round downpipes are a popular choice this summer, can you afford to miss out?

Ease of assembly.
We make sure that all our products and services provide you with convenience, no matter what your project may be, hence why our round downpipes are so easy to assemble, requiring little downtime. The range of guttering products provided by Total Pipeline Systems are robust and sturdy, and are guaranteed to be hard-wearing.

Variety to choose from.
Total Pipes provide a complete range of round downpipes that are designed to suit your pipeline needs. Regardless of what shape, size or colour round downpipes you require, we can supply you with the rainwater system that suits your needs and wants but also the type/size of your building.

We supply offset bends that are available at different angles, take the 68mm x 92.5° for instance, this is ideal for joining pipes that are level, but the 68mm x 112° is perfect if your pipes change direction.

For securing round downpipes, we provide downpipe clips, ensuring that your rainwater system is held in place and doesn’t impact upon performance. Our downpipe adaptor allows connections for round downpipes of various sizes, click here to browse the range of round downpipes and fittings!

Choose Total Pipes for round downpipes and fittings, we even install them for you, saving you time and money!

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