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Why choose Total Pipes for your drainage needs this summer?

Throughout the winter, there are many things you have to off-set due to unpredictable weather conditions, for instance cleaning the warehouse gutters is definitely a job for the summer - who wants to be up on the roof when it’s pouring down with rain?

Additionally, there’s no time like the present to remove blockages and prevent leakages! The summer is ideal for maintaining your business’ worksite and making any necessary improvements plumping and draining. Pipes should be regularly inspected to ensure there is a clear transfer of waste - so speak to us at Total Pipes for any advice and guidance!

It goes without saying that your business’ drain and guttering will have taken a beating throughout the winter, after intense periods of rainfall, therefore your gutters will require maintenance in order to offer full functionality, a reducing the risk of any damage to your business premise, come next winter!

Here at Total Pipes, we have an array of guttering fittings for you to choose from, so if you’re looking for a new gutter to replace your existing one, you’re in capable hands! We have Half Round Guttering, Round Downpipes and Square Guttering - our gutters offer functionality but don’t compromise on your business’ need for style on outside of its premises.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned that your gutter needs replacing because it’s inadequate, look no further. We have Deep Flow High Capacity gutters which can store significantly more water, preventing the occurrence of leakages in heavy rainfall.

Channel drainage is another system that is perfect for installation during the summer months. The ground around your business site can become saturated through the winter which can cause hazards for your staff as they work within the grounds, so if you aim to eliminate waste and soil, and divert the excess water to a drainage system, a drainage channel is ideal.

When it comes to underground drainage, Total Pipes can provide your business with exactly what you need, with an ideal time to fit underground drainage pipes being the summer, due to the ground being much drier, allowing the installation process to be easier.

If you’re looking for pipeline services that you can trust, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Total Pipes. We have a reputation for rapid delivery and providing the highest level of customer service, taking into consideration your projects specific needs and requirements.

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