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Why are Soil Pipes vented?

Here at Total Pipeline Systems, we are proud to supply the essentials for all pipe requirements, ensuring that you find products that suit your application and budget seamlessly. From our extensive collection of soil pipes and pipe fittings, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for, so be sure to check them out today!

What are Soil Pipes?

A soil pipe is a drainage pipe that connects toilets, baths and sinks to the drain or sewer. Soil pipes are often referred to as soil stack pipes or drain waste vents and run vertically from the underground drainage system where it eventually reaches the gutter at the top of the property.

Usually, soil pipes are made from plastic or cast iron, and although they are both designed to last, they are suitable for an array of applications.

Soil Pipes.

At Total Pipes, we have a complete range of soil and waste pipes available for you to choose from, including the following:

Push Fit Soil Pipes

The Push Fit pipes are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to choose products that match your exact design requirements.

We stock the Push Fit soil pipes in 110mm and 160mm lengths, along with an assortment of pipe fittings that are guaranteed to hold soil pipes in place reliably.

Not only are our products designed to be quickly and easily installed, they are also made from high-quality materials which makes them last longer. You have the choice of white, black or light grey with the Push Fit soil pipes, so be sure to choose only the most suitable pipes for your application!

Solvent Weld Soil Pipes

Solvent Weld pipes are designed to suit almost every drainage requirement! Each of the Solvent Weld soil pipes is 3m in length and 110mm in diameter, offering suitability for the 110mm solvent pipe fittings that we have available.

Our Solvent Weld soil pipes are available in black or olive grey, allowing you to choose products that match your specific requirements. As well as this, they are designed to last and perform effectively under various conditions.

How do they work?

Our soil stack pipes are designed to transport waste from bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring that they reach the underground drainage system effectively. The modern soil stack pipes can directly connect the internal and external waste pipes, making them more efficient.

Soil pipes are designed to encourage air into the internal drainage system which allows for aerobic sewage digestion which essentially prevents a syphoning effect.

The horizontal design of the soil pipes is maintained to allow waste water to flow freely.

Why are they Vented?

There are countless reasons why the soil stack pipes need to be vented, one of the main ones being to eliminate nasty smells and odours. A soil pipe is vented to release these odours into the atmosphere, to prevent upset amongst those within a local vicinity.

A bathroom that doesn’t have a vent pipe will have noticeable “stench”. To eliminate this, soil vent pipes will need to be fitted to toilets, showers, sinks and baths. Soil vent pipes allow foul air to vent from the drainage system and oxygen to enter.

Another reason why the pipes from Total Pipes are vented is to regulate the pressure within the system. Vents prevent waste water being pushed back through traps to appliances which could cause serious health concerns in the future.

Vented pipes provide a healthy flow of waste water which is perfect for multi-storey buildings, making sure that all waste water is removed carefully and enters the sewer.

Any water that is carried away from baths, toilets and skinks, to the sewage system, needs to be vented to eliminate potential problems. A vent can often make the difference between a system that works correctly and one that underperforms.

The pipes that we supply at Total Pipes are vented to avoid slow draining, unwanted noises, bad smells and health risks.

Soil Pipe Regulations.

There are several factors that need to be considered when it comes to installing soil vent pipes, remember to bear in mind the building regulations! Ventilation and general safety both need to be accounted for if you’re to install pipes correctly.

Ideally, soil vent pipes should be installed by a qualified professional who has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience over time.

Why Soil Pipes from Total Pipes?

When it comes to choosing soil vent pipes, you can count on Total Pipes to provide you with a wide range to choose from. We aim to satisfy the requirements of all projects, ensuring that you receive the best value for your money.

Here at Total Pipes, we speak the language of all of our customers, making it easier for you to find the most suitable products for your drainage needs. Our team of experts understand the ins and outs of soil waste pipes and pipe fittings, and they are always on hand to help, so be sure to get in touch if you require any more information about the pipes that we have in stock!