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Unbeatable Underground Drainage Systems

Where would we be without underground drainage systems? An efficient drainage systemprevents surface or foul water from accumulating in unsuitable places, which could lead toflooding, mould and water in your basement, damage to your house foundation and so on.

Total Pipeline Systems are leading plastic pipe suppliers and we have everything that youneed to create an effective underground drainage system. What are some of the productsthat we can offer you and why should you come to us?

110mm Pipe Fittings

Our 110mm pipe fittings are quality, high-density polyethylene plastic pipe. Undergrounddrainage systems commonly use these pipes and it’s important to choose the correctproduct. The configuration of underground drainage systems must be flexible so that theycan twist and turn as needed. What if your drainage system requires a specific angle socketbend? We have a wide selection of socket bends for you to choose from, including 15°, 30°,45°, and 90° angles. As well as offering a wide selection of 110mm pipe fittings, our pricesare hard to beat. If your order comes to £300.00 or more, we offer a free delivery service.

160mm Pipes and Fittings

What if you require 160mm pipes and fittings? We have an extensive collection of pipes andaccessories to meet any requirement. Our double and triple socket junction range isimpressive. These include 45° and 90° junctions to fit any configuration. All our pipes comewith high-quality internal seals for a guaranteed performance. Do you need non-returnvalves, access plugs, invert reducers and other important fittings? We supply these andmuch more.

Plastic Drain Chambers

Regardless of the type of drainage system that you require, it must have access points sothat you can clean it and inspect its condition. We have an incredible range of drainchambers for you to choose from. We supply plastic chamber bases, risers with sealingrings, cover and frames, to name just a few examples. These are made from high plasticgrade materials and they are easy to set up. We believe that our prices represent the bestvalue available.

Drainage Gullies and Gully Traps

Do you require any drainage gullies or gully traps? Then you need to look at our extensiverange of quality plastic products. These are designed to discharge downpipe and surfacewater etc., to regulate flowing material. Our products include square top adapters, bottlegully grids, square and rectangular hoppers, and other gully trap parts. As with all our plasticproducts, these are made from the durable polyethylene, which is designed to last.

A Quality Overall Service

We believe that our products are unbeatable and the level of our customer service is first-class. We ensure that every customer is our absolute priority. What if you require specialistknowledge to install your drainage system? We offer superb technical support from the startof any project, right through to the completion of your drainage system.

Would you like any more information from us? You can contact us on our website today or call us on 01282 222077