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Pipes & Sprinklers Used In Irrigation Systems



As with many modern facilities located in both the city and countryside, water is used to maintain them. The water keeps the area clean from dirt and the surrounding natural environment, such as large patches of grass, is kept in a healthy state. In addition, rainwater also plays a role to maintain these facilities without human intervention. When rainwater is absent, sprinkler systems help a lot in keeping the soil quality up to par. However, it is essential that a proper irrigation system be utilised so that it does not destroy the beauty of such human made terrain. This applies to many modern sporting facilities such as golf courses and many others. With proper pipes for irrigation systems, the large patches of beautiful land can last a very long time.

Irrigation systems


If we look around almost everywhere outside of buildings, we can find irrigation systems almost everywhere. Irrigation systems basically mean transporting water from one place to another. In public areas such as parks and sport pitches, these irrigation systems prevent water from flooding the large open space of land, which can essentially destroy the beautiful terrain and grass if not maintained properly. When water from rainfall (or from other sources of water) hits the open space of land, it needs to drain effectively and relatively quickly. Although soil naturally absorbs water, there is a certain limit that the earth can sustain water before it quickly builds up into a large puddle.

Therefore, drains are created which then unites into a larger network of the irrigation system. These drains work effectively in removing the excess water; and several of these drains are built directly below the soil. Variants of drains used in irrigation systems might include:


  • French drain (most common type)
  • Channel drain
  • Rainwater drain


Pipes and sprinklers


Evidently, irrigation systems would not be 100% effective without pipes and sprinklers. Sprinklers simply provide water output for keeping the land in a healthy state (especially during dry season), but pipes play a more substantial role of transporting the water. Pipes are the core of any water system anywhere. Without them, one would not expect to be able to transport or to get rid of water. In terms of pipe selection for modern irrigation systems used in sports facilities, there are many options to choose from. Since we will want to use the best quality pipes to keep the sport patches in good shape, some of the pipes we can incorporate in the facility amongst others can be:


  • PVC
  • Galvanised steel
  • Cast iron
  • Brass




In the end, it goes back to the needs of the facility and the environment which will affect how much water is needed to be used and removed. If the sport patches are located in an area where natural rainfall occurs rather frequently, the need for sprinklers can be minimised and the focus on irrigation is deemed more vital. On the other hand, in dryer areas one might need more sprinklers with a decent drainage system.