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Is it time to replace your gutters?

This winter, the UK has had more than its fair share of bad weather. And as snow, sleet, frost and heavy rainfall has affected most parts of the country – particularly the North West – our rainwater systems have certainly taken a beating.

Which begs the question, when was the last time you checked yours?

Your gutters and downspouts are an integral part of your home. They direct water away from your property, preventing it from making its way inside. Most can last anywhere up to 20 years and, if properly maintained, can achieve a lifespan that’s twice as long.

Even if your rainwater systems have contributed decades of faithful service – requiring very little upkeep – they don’t last forever and, eventually, you will need to replace them with new ones.

6 tell-tale signs you need to upgrade your rainwater systems:

  • Cracks and fractures

A few minor cracks in your gutters may seem like nothing, but these will soon turn into fractures and lead to all sorts of problems for your drainage system. In fact, cracked or fractured guttering can cause rainwater to leak onto your fascia or, even worse, your home.

  • Sagging gutters

If your gutters are starting to droop or come away from the fascia, this suggests that the brackets have become slack. Though this is mainly caused by a build-up of debris (usually leaves) that have not been cleared for quite some time, you must regularly check your rainwater systems to ensure that there are no blockages.

  • Peeling paint

Whilst you could put bubbled or peeled paint down to the weather, it often indicates that you have a leak. If peeling paint extends beyond a couple of areas, a replacement will be much better than a ‘quick fix’.

  • Water damage around or beneath the gutters

It’s recommended that you check your gutters at least once a year – ideally on a dry day when it’s not too cold to be going up on the ladder – and keep an eye out for watermarks or damage. A properly functioning rainwater system will divert water away from your home. Therefore, if you spot any marks under the gutter or nearby, you have a problem.

  • Mould or rust

If you notice that there is mould in your loft or on your ceiling, this signifies that your guttering isn’t doing its job. Mould thrives in damp conditions, or areas that are poorly ventilated, and will produce spores that can cause health problems, such as asthma. Depending on the material that your rainwater system is made from, excessive rainfall can cause it to rust and eventually shatter and break too. This calls upon the need for a replacement.

  • Overflowing water

Let’s face it, water isn’t supposed to be gushing out of your downpipes every time it rains and, if it is, it’s a clear sign that your gutters are overflowing. There are several reasons why this could be the case. For example; your gutters might not have been installed right, are not angled correctly or are too narrow for your house. Either way, you’ll need to swap them for new ones and make sure that the same problem doesn’t occur again.

Do any of the above signs sound familiar?

If so, we highly recommend upgrading your rainwater systems today. We have an extensive range of guttering and downpipe suppliesavailable – here at Total Pipeline Systems – including everything from half-round gutters and fittings to round, square, deep flow high capacity guttering and ogee guttering. Not to mention mini-half round gutters and compatible fittings, as well as a selection of accessories.

All products within the collection are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and have a long lifespan. Yet despite this, we keep our prices competitive to ensure our customers receive the best value for money.

For more information about the products we supply, give us a call on 01254 382 000. Or if you prefer, you can email or fill in the online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you.