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Installing guttering onto your garden shed roof

Looking to maximise the lifespan of your garden shed? What better way to do so than purchasing guttering supplies from Total Pipeline Systems?

Installing guttering onto the shed roof is a great way to increase strength and stability – preventing water from running down the sides. Rainwater guttering also provides an effective method of water collection as it can divert water into storage tanks – ready for future gardening applications.

Plastic guttering is an excellent choice for garden sheds as it’s easy to install and available for an affordable price at Total Pipes. Choose from:

We can help you to select the most suitable products for your needs – ensuring maximum value for money.

Here’s a guide on how to install guttering to your shed:

Pre-installation preparation

Before you rush into installing guttering to your shed, you need to think about where you want rainwater to drain off. Is your garden local to an established drain system? If not, you’ll need to direct water into a storage tank or into the ground where it slopes away from the shed.

Inspect how rain falls

Using a spirit level on the side of the shed, check whether the shed slopes. Water always runs downhill and you must know which direction the rain falls so you can install guttering to maximum effect.  

Mark out where guttering will go

Using a length of string, carefully measure where the gutter will sit on your shed and make a marker where brackets will sit at intervals of 3ft (maximum). Don’t forget downpipes – add a slight fall where they will be located.

Install drain outlets

Once you know where the downpipes will be, you need to install drain outlets by marking the screw location of the outlet/brackets and drill holes. After this, you can attach the outlets to the shed directly or a fascia board fixed at the edge of the roof.

Install gutter brackets

When two pieces of the guttering meet, joint brackets provide a water-tight seal. You can also use extra support brackets at 3m intervals (previously marked out in step 3) to keep the guttering on your shed secure.

Install stop ends

The stop ends prevent water from leaving the guttering system at the wrong end – opposite the downpipe.

Connect guttering

Check your gutters are cut to the correct length and apply lubricant to the cut ends to simplify the process of installation. The sections should slide into the right place quickly and easily.

Install the downpipe

The downpipe needs to be attached to the drain outlet. If you’re going to direct water away from the shed, to a storage tank or water butt, consider offset bends, like the 50mm x 112.5 degree bend – pointing away from the shed. To hold the downpipe in place, you’ll need to fit downpipe brackets/clips, like the 50mm downpipe clip.

Contact Total Pipes

Still unsure about installing guttering onto the roof of your garden shed? Feel free to contact the Total Pipes experts on 01254 382 000 or email We are always on hand to help and will be more than willing to share our expertise.