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How to install guttering to your shed

It’s been three months since the UK was put on lockdown in an attempt to control the spread of coronavirus. And, by this point, you’ve probably exhausted Netflix, binge-watched your favourite programmes twice over (if not more!), completed a couple of jigsaws and even tried your hand at DIY.

In today’s blog, we’re offering top tips on how to install guttering to your garden shed – helping to cure boredom during the lockdown and work through your to-do list.

Rain gutters prevent water from running down the sides of the building which can reduce strength and stability over time. Whether you’re building a new garden shed from scratch or converting your old one into a bar, you must have a functional guttering system to maximise its lifespan.

Step 1 – Preparation

The first thing you need to do is identify where you need water to drain off.

In most cases, there are no established drain systems close by, so you’ll be looking at directing it into a water butt – perfect for storage and future use in the garden – or draining into the ground that slopes away from the shed and other buildings. If none of these are viable, make sure that the downspout extends approximately 1m away from the shed to prevent surface water pooling nearby.

Next, you need to decide whether you’d like the plastic guttering to be installed directly onto the shed or a small fascia board around the edge of the roof.

Step 2 – Mark the guttering position

Though this can be a fiddly task, you need to make sure that you get it right to ensure your rain gutters fit neatly and do their job.

Take a length of string and mark out where the gutter will sit on the shed. We also suggest that you add in a slight fall towards the area that the downpipe will be located. You can then mark the position of the string on the fascia or walls of your shed at intervals of 3ft (max) which is where the gutter/fascia brackets will go.

Step 3 – Install the drain outlet

Once everything’s marked up, you can then install the drain outlet. This goes where the downpipe will be and is relatively straightforward to do.

Start by making a mark for the screw location of the drain outlet, or brackets that will hold it in place, and drill holes before attaching it to the fascia or shed.

Step 4 – Install gutter brackets

After installing the drain outlet, you then need to fix the support brackets to hold everything in place. The brackets must be installed where two pieces of guttering meet to create a watertight seal – at the 3ft intervals marked earlier. You may find that you need extra brackets for maximum security and support.

As you did with the drain outlet, mark the screw holes and pre-drill the markers before affixing the brackets.

Step 5 – Install the stop end

The stop end is a short piece of guttering that has a cap on the end to prevent water from leaving the rainwater guttering system. It goes on the end of the bracket at the furthest point away from the downpipe outlet.

Step 6 – Lubricate gutter connections

Always make sure that everything has been cut to the correct length. When using plastic guttering, be sure to apply lubricant to the cut ends to make installation and joining that little bit easier. After this, the guttering sections should easily slide into place.

Step 7 – Install the downpipe

Last, and by no means least, attach the downpipe to the drain outlet. To do so, you may require offset bends to help direct water away from your shed and into a water butt. Downpipe clips or brackets will also be required on the side of the shed to keep it in place and the lowest bracket should be around 1.5ft above the ground.

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