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How to deal with Underground Drainage problems

Your underground drains have an important job to do. If they are poorly maintained it can cause disruption – costing you time and money.

Looking after drains properly is something that requires a great deal of time and knowledge, which is where Total Pipeline Systems can help you.

There are two types of underground drainage: ‘foul’ and ‘surface’. Foul water is sewage and grey wastewater from toilets, baths, sinks, washing machines and various other household appliances. Surface water is rainwater.

How to spot drainage problems

Is water pooling outside your property? Is soil saturated – not related to the weather? Is water draining slower than usual?

These are all signs that there is a problem with your underground drain. If not resolved, they could cause odours, health problems and environmental damage.

How to deal with underground drainage problems

If your drainage pipes have seen better days, or your system is performing less efficiently, why not consider installing a new system or new Underground Drainage Pipes and fittings?

  • Installing new underground drainage

Prior to installing or making changes to your underground drainage system, you need to have an idea where equipment needs to go and how it will be connected. You also need to make sure that it complies with building regulations. The best way to do this is to consult your local Building Control Department.

Whether you’re installing a brand new system or simply changing connections and fittings, always use high-quality supplies to allow wastewater to flow away from your property with ease.

  • Purchasing underground drainage pipes and fittings

If you’re looking to resolve drainage problems by replacing the Underground Drainage Pipes and Fittings in your existing system, look no further.

The pipes that we supply for 110mm Underground Drainage are always brown – this makes it easier to distinguish them from the land drainage pipes, which are usually black.

We have a choice of sizes available, including the 110mm Drainage Pipe which is supplied in 3mtr lengths. All the pipes that we supply are made to meet EN1401 standards, guaranteeing quality piping every time.

Our Underground Drainage Pipe Fittings join pipes together with ease and ensure that they are sealed securely to prevent leaks.

The most important Underground Drainage Pipe Fittings required for your system include:

  • Drain Couplers
  • Single Socket/Double Socket Bends
  • Gullies
  • Inspection Chambers
  • P Traps and Adaptors

All of the above can be found at Total Pipes.

How to maintain underground drainage

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the underground drainage for your property. To ensure that your 110mm underground drainage performs efficiently, you need to make sure that the wrong things aren’t flushed through the system, as these can cause blockages.

The inconvenience of a poorly maintained underground drainage system is topped off with the additional expense of repairs – making it important that you look after the underground drainage pipes and fittings that make up your system.

Having your underground drains regularly cleaned will help to make sure that they work smoothly - preventing drainage problems reoccurring.

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