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How a Rainwater Harvesting System Can Help You Save Money

We’re all searching for ways we can save ourselves a bit of money during the cost of living crisis, but how can a rainwater system help you do this? Discover everything you need to know in this article!

There’s no shortage of water here in the UK, and last year, we saw a whopping 171.5 days of rain.

With that said, the concept of harvesting rainwater may seem a little absurd. After all, it’s not like we experience Southern Hemisphere-style summer droughts.

Rainwater harvesting solves more than just water shortage problems, though, and if you – like thousands of others – are searching for ways to save yourself some money amid the cost of living crisis, then a rainwater harvesting system may be exactly what you need.

But what exactly is rainwater harvesting, and how can it help save you money?

Our experts here at Total Pipeline Systems reveal all in this article!

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting refers to the practice of collecting and storage excess rainwater from rooftops, gardens and heavily flooded areas, that would otherwise flow down the gutters and into the drain.

This water can then be reused in a variety of different ways – from watering the garden and refilling ponds to washing your car and even for drinking.

What do I need to build a rainwater harvesting system?

All rainwater harvesting systems are comprised of four key components:

A water butt, downpipe diverters, filters and connectors.

Water butts can be stored above or below ground, and diverters, filters and connectors are crucial in making sure that there is no debris – like leaves or moss – present, and that the collected rainwater is clean and safe to be reused.

How can rainwater harvesting systems save money?

There are two main ways that a rainwater harvesting system can help save you some money:

Reduced water utility bills

According to Statista, the average cost of combined water and sewage utility bills in the UK was £417 in 2022/23

This figure is set to increase by £31 by the end of March 2024, taking the total cost to £448.

Depending on how much water you use, investing in a rainwater harvesting system could shave up to 50% off the cost of your monthly water utility bill, as rainwater collected can be used to flush toilets, clean cars and wash clothes – among other things.

Increased property value

Houses with eco-friendly installations – like solar panels, efficient insulation and, you guessed it, rainwater harvesting systems – command much higher market prices than those without – which is great news if you’re planning on selling up soon.

Aside from helping the environment, one thing many prospective buyers look for when purchasing a property is anything that will help them reduce long-term costs. And, as we mentioned above, rainwater harvesting systems are just one of the things that can help you save a considerable amount of money.

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