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Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Systems

With utility bills – and the cost of living in general – sky high, many home and business owners are looking for ways they can save themselves some money.

Rainwater harvesting is one of the most effective (and eco-friendly!) ways of reducing your water usage and cutting the cost of your monthly bill.

But this isn’t the only thing that your home or workplace can benefit from if you decide to make the switch.

In this post, our experts at Total Pipeline Systems explain everything you need to know about rainwater harvesting – including why it’s important and the benefits of trying a rainwater harvesting system out!

Why harvest rainwater?

Although the cost will vary from property to property, there’s no denying that the cost of utility bills is astronomically expensive compared to what they were a few years ago.

The cost of our water bills is constantly rising, and this pattern looks set to stay for quite some time.

In addition to increased bills, many of us are also making changes to our routines to become greener and help the environment, and harvesting rainwater is one of the easiest ways you can reduce your water consumption and become more efficient.

What are the benefits of rainwater harvesting?

Collecting rainwater and reusing it for different things – such as car washing or garden watering – can save you big money on your energy bills. And it’s hardly a surprise, seeing as harvesting rainwater in this way can reduce your household’s water usage by up to 50% (!).

Saving money isn’t the only thing you’ll benefit from though; collecting rainwater also has countless environmental benefits, including:

  • It conserves groundwater

With droughts now a common occurrence in many areas, communities, farms and industrial sites are turning to groundwater extraction to meet the ever-increasing demand. But this water-sourcing method can be incredibly destructive, for several reasons.

If underground water supplies are emptied faster than they can be replenished, the concentration of pollutants increases, whilst the water quality decreases and, over time, becomes unsafe for our consumption.

  • It saves the energy required for tap wate

The water that comes from our taps demands lots of energy. Think of it this way, this water is treated and piped by municipal systems, which need electricity, pumping stations require power to operate and machines that repair sewer and water lines burn fossil fuels.

By using rainwater for portable tasks, like watering the garden or washing your clothes, you’ll be able to protect your drinking water and make sure this energy is well spent.

  • It nourishes plants

Ask any green-fingered gardener and they’ll tell you that rainwater is much better for plants than pre-treated tap water.

Rainwater is low in calcium and magnesium and slightly acidic, which helps plants absorb more nutrients in the soil.

It’s also free of harmful salts, treatment chemicals and heavy metals, and contains plenty of nitrates to help plants grow.

How can I reuse the rainwater I collect?

Let’s face it - there’s no shortage of rainy days here in the UK, so it’s safe to say you’ll be collecting a lot of rainwater.

Luckily, it won’t go to waste, and there are many ways in which it can be reused, including washing your car, watering the garden, flushing the toilet and washing your clothes – among other things.

If tested and filtered properly, it can even be used for drinking and bathing – which will help to further reduce your water consumption and the cost of your energy bills as a result.

Looking for high-quality rainwater harvesting system supplies?

There’s no denying the benefits of using a rainwater harvesting system, and here at Total Pipeline Systems, we stock a range of rainwater systems, guttering and downpipe supplies that are ideal for your project.

To find out more about our collection, or for expert advice and product recommendations, give us a call today on 01254 382 000 or email us at
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