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5 reasons to use Protecta-Line barrier pipes and fittings

Searching for barrier pipes? The Protecta-Line barrier pipes and fittings we supply here at Total Pipeline Systems are an excellent choice. But don’t just take our word for it…

Why Protecta-Line barrier pipes?

Protecta-Line is the UK’s leading barrier system, commonly used at brownfield sites across the length and breadth of the country. Easily recognised by their blue PE (polyethylene) outer skin and brown stripes, they are useful for corrosive environments and can be used for trenchless installations.

The reason why such barrier pipes are the no.1 choice of housebuilders, contractors and water authorities today is that former industrial land is being reused for more and more developments each year, and potable drinking water is required. In order to reduce the level of contamination, the land must be restored or a suitable barrier pipe must be installed. And more often than not, opting for barrier pipes works out cheapest.

Here we delve deeper into the reasons why you should choose Protecta-Line barrier pipes.

Benefits of Protecta-Line barrier pipes:

  • Proven protection – as an award-winning, fully-integrated barrier pipe and fitting system, Protecta-Line is renowned for its extremely innovative design. With its tough, multi-layer construction, it offers unrivalled protection against all recognised brownfield contaminants and prevents them from entering the water supply.
  • Withstand corrosion – one of the best things about Protecta-Line is that it is suitable for corrosive conditions. These barrier pipes and fittings can protect against all contaminants – be it organic or inorganic – and prevent tainting, which is often caused by the infiltration of chemicals and hydrocarbons that are typically found at brownfield sites.
  • Reduced leakage – BS 8588 approved, the Protecta-Line barrier pipes boast multi-layer construction. There is an impermeable aluminium layer wrapped onto a central core of pipe to prevent the ingress that would otherwise be caused by through-wall permeation. On top of this, there is a vast range of approved fittings available. These help to secure pipes and, in turn, reduce leakages.
  • Long-term security of supply – thanks to its second to none approval status, the Protecta-Line system offers complete peace of mind and allows for the safe transportation of water through contaminated land. For more than 15 years, many have trusted these systems with maintaining the long-term safety and quality of their water supply. Why not do the same?
  • Cost-effective – imagine the installation benefits of conventional PE pipes – combined with a lightweight yet flexible pipe in longer lengths (that is both quick and easy to install), and you get Protecta-Line barrier pipework. A huge bonus is that they help developers avoid the cost of soil sampling and offer fantastic lifetime cost savings.

Invest in Protecta-Line barrier pipework today

Here at Total Pipes, we stock an assortment of Protecta-Line pipes in 6mtr lengths, as well as 25mm-180mm coils, not to mention a host of mechanical compression fittings too. We are confident that you’ll find the products you need within our online inventory.

If you’d like to know more about Protecta-Line barrier pipes and fittings before you make a purchase, remember you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Just give us a call on 01254 382 000 or drop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you.