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4 factors to consider when choosing rainwater system - Total Pipes

Living in the United Kingdom we’re all very aware that the biggest challenge to our homes and offices is damage from rainwater, and it rains a lot! That’s why it’s so important to choose the right rainwater system for your needs. With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of the four most important factors you need to consider when choosing your rainwater

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When it comes to choosing the material of your rainwater system, you have a choice of plastic or metal.

Plastic rainwater systems made of PVC-U can be a fantastic choice with a simple easy install design and ranking well for affordability. PVC-U systems also offer a long lifespan which can give you the peace of mind that you won’t have any drainage issues. Alternatively, metal rainwater systems can provide you with several advantages from a stylish feel and a longer lifetime guarantee than plastic systems, however, unlike plastic systems they do require periodical maintenance to prevent rust and ensure that longevity. And as always with more stylish options there can be a considerable spike in price.


Rainwater systems come in a host of shapes from square, ogee, deep flow and round. It’s important you consider your home or office requirements when choosing the right gutter shape.

A couple things to think about include:

1. The capacity of the gutter.
2. The maximum water flow expected.
3. And the overall architecture of your home.

By taking into consideration these factors you can ensure you purchase the correct shape of rainwater system for your needs.


Just as with shape, size is an important factor. You need to ensure that the measurements you or a contractor takes are precise, if not then you’ll run into issues down the line which will cause you to invest in further adjustments to your rainwater systems.


Finally, yet still an important factor to consider is the style of rainwater system you want. Here you will want to purchase a system that will match the architecture of your home both in terms of colour and design. You should view your rainwater system as a part of your overall roofing design and choose a style to compliment. By taking into consideration these four factors you can ensure you select the correct rainwater system for your needs. Why not browse our extensive range of rainwater systems available today!